These days I was busy tinkering with Aeolipile. Now it has more exciting features! Wanna know what is Aeolipile? See the posts above!

Now we have author page!

It has been at the checklist for a long time! A big fan of a Steemian? Here's a place for his/her any post at<USERNAME>!

For example, you can find @Elear's posts at, or my posts (contain some Chinese) at

And finally, Aeolipile as your own blog!

Like aeolipile? Now you can bring it home!1 I have added blog mode to the page, which makes it possible to deploy aeolipile for your post only! In other words, a personal blog!

Check the instance of aeolipile-blog at

See the difference? A tidy URL without anyone else, like other blog systems do! You can modify the domain name, the title and anything you can imagine!

So, how can I get one?

  • Download from this link
  • extract that zip file
  • open config.js with any text editor
  • find "heyeshuang" (that's me) and replace to your username
  • And upload this folder to wherever you can deploy static websites, like netlify

And that's all! Enjoy!

Or if you are a guru developer...

Feel free (as in freedom) to star, fork and contribute to! Basic config is at /src/config.js, and the CSS file /src/typo/typo-fangsong.css is for the typography. Transform aeolipile to your favourite! And don't forget to pull your code to me!

  1. Not responsible for damage, theft, etc. It bites! ↩︎