A few days ago I introduced Aeolipile, a steem post reader designed for coders, providing some advanced features. And now, it becomes more powerful!

As usual, you could see this post here.

You may wonder how did I get the post link before submit the post. The answer is: link generator. Just input your username and post title, and you'll have the Aeolipile Link(tm)!


The generator uses the identical technology with Steemit, and is compatible with any language.

So, next time you write your post at Steemit (or other) editor, you may want to:

  • create a good title for your article
  • type your name and title into link generator
  • copy the Aeolipile Link before your post
  • and hit "Post!"

And this article will link to Aeolipile even before publish!

New loading page


Stops everyone from getting bored!

and brand new theme!

With Chinese characters in mind (of course), I have carefully chosen proper fonts for both Chinese and English. Head to https://heyeshuang.github.io/aeolipile/#/@heyeshuang/hugo to see a Chinese example! Or, watch this post on Aeolipile, if you haven't!

And this is not the end, I still have some dark thoughts... Anyway, welcome to fork, push and comment! Your opinions and ideas are precious.